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High-Performance Hemostasis

High-performance Hemostasis is simpler than ever with the only hemostatic agent indicated for minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding.1-13  HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is designed to simplify and effectively meet your bleeding challenges as a proven, ready-to-use product with versatile application.


No reconstitution, mixing, or thawing allows for easy application of the hemostatic agent.

Economic Value

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows may optimize hospital staff time and may provide a possible solution to avoid waste.

Clinical Data

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows has several published studies which include head-to-head data.

The Formula For Success

Proven, versatile, ready to use, and contains human-derived Thrombin.

For a Cohesive and Stable Clot

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is the only combination powdered surgical hemostat that contains thrombin, collagen, and chondroitin sulfate with demonstrated efficacy on minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding.1

Handles Oozing, Pooling, and Flowing Bleeding

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is The Only Combination Powdered Hemostat Containing Thrombin.


The (porcine-derived) collagen in HEMOBLAST™ Bellows supports a controlled swell.1 Additionally, in the coagulation cascade, collagen is known to induce  platelet aggregation and coagulation.14 


HEMOBLAST™ Bellows contains (human-derived) thrombin.1 Thrombin converts fibrinogen to fibrin, a basic element in a blood clot.14


HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is the only hemostat that contains (bovine-derived) chondroitin sulfate,1 included for the purpose of providing cohesion between the wound and surrounding tissue.

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows is indicated in surgical procedures as an adjunct to hemostasis when control of minimal, mild,and moderate bleeding by conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical, except in neurosurgical, ophthalmic, and urological procedures.

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows In Action

View surgical videos detailing the use of HEMOBLAST™ Bellows applicator and hemostatic agent.

HEMOBLAST™ Bellows Overview
By William Spotnitz, MD


The Biom’UP Chief Medical Officer provides a thorough summary of the efficiency and value of HEMOBLAST™ Bellows.


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Efficacy, Ease, & Versatility – All In One.1,15

In the US pivotal trial, one HEMOBLAST™ Bellows handled minimal, mild, and moderate bleeding in most cases, including application to focal and large area bleeding conditions.1